Back Boilers

Condensing Combination Boiler

A back boiler is a small boiler fitted at the back of the hearth of an open fireplace to provide central heating and hot water. These are a simple yet effective method of central heating.

A gas fire front sits in front of the chimney.  Back Boilers offer quality, reliability and a choice of fire fronts - from traditional and contemporary to more modern types.

So what are the benefits?

  • Back boilers provide reliable heating and hot water and have done since the 60s'.
  • Allows you to draw hot water from more than one tap at the same time without affecting other outlets, because they are installed together with hot water cylinders.
  • If your home currently has a  back boiler, you'll save money by sticking with the same system when the time comes to replace your boiler.
  • Hidden out of the way and out of sight.
  • Baxi have recently launched the UK's first ever 'A Rated' Back Boiler.
  • Combines 2 appliances if you want to have a gas fire in addition to your heating system

And what are the disadvantages?

  • They need a lot of space - the boiler hidden behind your chimney, two tanks in the loft, and a cylinder in the airing cupboard.
  • Few people will consider a back boiler unless they already have that system in place. They are considered a little old fashioned.  
  • Newer systems can easily handle the demands of a large home without taking up as much space.