This is no exaggeration. And I'm serious about these savings.

"I've a simple piece of polite advice for you. Please don't buy a new boiler or central heating system until you've spoken to me first." ~ David Murphy, Director.

Because I guarantee you'll save up to 35% off your fuel bill - maybe more - with one of our new boilers. But that's not the only saving.

I'll also fully guarantee the boiler. That's parts and labour...So you'll have no nasty repair bills for 5 years.

There's no catch. Imagine that. No break down costs. Plus priority care and not being left in the cold for a full 5 years.

Okay. You may think these claims are extravagant - I quite understand. So, I'll go one better and say this - Find yourself a better deal elsewhere and I'll do my very best to beat it.

My existing customers are very happy with what we do. How do I know? Feedback.

They've described Mulgas as "fantastic", "professional" and "a very honest company". It's incredibly flattering to have our customers say such things.

And what's more valuable for a business than to have its customers recommend it to their friends?

77% of our work comes from recommendations. It tells me that what we're doing is right.

Would you recommend a company to your friends if you really didn't trust them?

What's more, I measure the performance of every job we're doing to ensure that we're constantly improving. We're not perfect by any means but we're trying our best to be.

Customers often question the logic of replacing their boiler if their old one still works. The big question is often this:

"What's the payback time?" It's a good question.

Here's how I see it. If your boiler's over 10 years old, it's going to need replacing at some point and probably soon. If you do keep it going, it is hugely likely to breakdown in the next 9-12 months. Old boilers do.

So, you'll be faced with a decision to make.

Repair it at a potentially high cost, operate it inefficiently for a little while longer, then replace it. Or replace it straight away and instantly cut down your gas bill and benefit from a full guarantee and priority care.

The fact is this. Boilers will never be this cheap again.

Prices usually go up, rarely do they come down. There will never be a better time to replace your boiler.

Why use Mulgas instead of British Gas or N-Power?

Nearly all our main competitors are multi national companies with turnovers in the 100's of £m's. We're not. At Mulgas, the way we treat you and your home is all important to us. We deliver a level of personal service that I believe other larger companies are unable to match.

We don't aspire to having a network of sub contractors and satellite offices offering an average level of service.

No. For us, we specialise and specialise well.

Our team know what customers like you want and expect when you have your new boiler installed. Our aim is to keep you as a customer for life. We treat you with respect, your home with respect.

And should you need help, we'll be there at a drop of a hat.

Of course, we have a full technical support system in place. You can have full confidence in our aftersales care.

So please give us a call and book a quotation. There's no obligation to buy. In the meantime, browse our site. There's loads of useful information to help you make the right choice for you.

Warm Regards

David Murphy
Director of Customer Services

"P.S. I'll guarantee your new system will save you money on your fuel bills. If it doesn't, I'll give you your money back!" ~ David

*5 Year guarantees may not apply to all products